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Alinea is a digital news site, for smart internet users. We provide context to news and information through creative formats and are easily accessible to users through the devices they always carry: cellphones and tablets.

Paragraph appears with the spirit of the era when he was born: digital transformation and social media that have become part of the lives of billions of people everyday.

Our coverage covers three essential things that are important to everyone, namely facts, data and words. We believe that these three links will produce valuable insights for all readers, and are also important when making decisions.

The founder of Alinea consists of young people who have worked in high standard media. We also have a network of contributors and correspondents spread from East to West Indonesia.

We are aware that technological developments will determine the future of digital news sites. Therefore, our journalists and engineers sit in the same newsroom to work together to experiment with new things. Engineers also unite with editors to develop, process and present content that we extract from Big Data and Artificial Intelligence.

We are always open to new ideas and things. You can contact us via email, Twitter and Facebook. diginusantaraNama Klien:


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