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The goal of building Indonesia from the periphery is only utopian if the information channel is merely massive in the capital. The public needs many new holes of information that are pithy, accurate and reliable. This is one of the reasons for the birth of

Present in the midst of an abundance of local and national information, is expected to be part of the pillars of democracy, as a means of controlling local government policies and public behavior, as well as a means of community empowerment, especially in East Java.

It is not easy for us to stand firm amid the swift flow of information, as well as the dimming of the boundaries of facts and hoaxes which actually encourages public apathy towards journalistic work. For this reason, we stick to two important principles, namely: Factual and Impartial. diginusantara

Factual as an effort to find the truth by standing on completeness, accuracy, and accuracy and Imparsial, refers to journalistic behavior that upholds the value of balance (balance, non-partisanship, neutral).

With these two principles, hopes to sail across the social, cultural, economic, and political dynamics to provide the best for the public of East Java.



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