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West Java is so special to us. Not only as the largest province in the country, but home to the spiritual values, local wisdom and culture. Although West Java is also not flawless. This region is said to occupy the highest rank of hoax distribution in Indonesia.

It was against this background that we gave birth to West Java's distinctive media is expected to be the answer to the increasingly thin barrier between fact and fiction, and the more difficult it is to distinguish between information and imagination. will strive to prioritize accuracy and verification in every news produced, in addition to of course upholding the code of ethics and applying basic journalistic formulas.

We also prioritize security (security) for the impact caused by the news that we report, as well as the truth (true) of the news that we present.

Our vision is to become a reliable media and digital media industry chain in West Java. We are optimistic that we can give color and become one of the best choices for readers and stakeholders, especially in Pasundan Earth.

The support of readers and stakeholders in the form of opportunities, cooperation, criticism, and suggestions becomes an important part of developing and realizing our vision and can be an accurate, balanced, contextual and trusted information channel. diginusantara


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